ALARVY Technologies is a Software and Engineering company specializing in products and services for
  • Machine Tool Companies
  • Engineering Software Companies
  • Research Labs, etc
We offer our products to OEM customers and customize them to suit their specific needs. At ALARVY, we believe in excellence in technology and simplistic products. We try to bring out innovative technologies to build user-friendly softwares.


Our current products include
  • 3D CAD Modeler for Turned Parts
  • 3D CAD Modeler for Sheet Metal Parts
  • Web based CAD/CAM app
  • Bar/Pipe Nester
  • Punch/Cut Sequencer
  • Bend Sequencer
Products are built for OEM bundling with Machine tools such as Lathes, Turning centres, Turret Punching machines, Bending machines, Laser cutting, Waterjet cutting, Plasma cutting machines, etc. We offer customization of our product to suit your business needs.


Our services include
  • Startup software development Partner
  • CAD Customization
  • Development of CAD product using 3D Kernels
  • Web app development
  • Research and development
  • Consulting for next generation product development
  • Engineering Services
  • 3D Printing
Our business models are highly flexible to suit your needs. For startups, we have multiple experts with different skill sets available on hourly basis


Startup Product Development

Develop sophisticated next generation CAD/CAM products at lower costs with well qualified professionals.

R&D Solutions

Develop next generation technology components with well experienced researchers.

CAD Customization

Customize AlarvyCAD / SolidWorks / CATIA / NX / Inventor / CREO / AutoCAD to increase your produtivity.

Custom CAD Development

Develop your own 2D/3D CAD product using 3D Kernels like Opencascade, ACIS, Parasolid, CAA, CGM.

CAD/CAM Web Apps

Establish your CAD/CAM products on web to increase your global customer base and revenue.


AlarvyCAD - 3D CAD Modeler for Turned and Sheet Metal Parts - Price: $200

AlarvyCAD is India's first 3D CAD modeling software. It is a simple 3D CAD modeler with two modules.

  • Turn module - for creating turned parts
  • Sheet Metal module - for creating sheet metal parts

Unlike generic CAD modelers, which are suitable for creating any type of parts, AlarvyCAD is a specific CAD modeler with features specific to create turned parts and sheet metal parts. This reduces lot of unwanted functionalities and makes the user interface very simple. AlarvyCAD helps you to create detailed 3D models faster than any other modeler. AlarvyCAD reduces number of clicks extensively to create models with

  • Auto-dimensioning
  • Auto-constraints
  • Auto-expanding grid
  • Auto-view change for sketching
  • Sketch self intersecton checks
  • Smart checks for feature creation

Demo Video of ALARVY Beta

While creating features, AlarvyCAD automatically changes view for sketching. It applies auto-constraints like horizontal constraint, vertical constraint and grid snap to make sketching faster. Grid expands automatically when sketch points are outside grid limits. While sketching it auto-checks for sketch self-intersecton and invalid sketching profiles. It auto-dimensions the features thereby improving productivity to a great extent.

AlarvyCAD files are saved in simple json format and is an open file format based on feature data rather than B-Rep data. This makes AlarvyCAD files smart rather than dumb 3D models. This helps to facilitate easy integration with any CAM software and apply CNC routines specific to features. Detailed documentation of AlarvyCAD file format is available in help. The 3D models generated in AlarvyCAD can be saved in other formats such as STEP, STL(ASCII), STL(Binary), OBJ, GLTF, GLB files can also be saved.

OEM license for Machine tool manufactures and CAM ISVs are available.

  • AlarvyCAD Turn module

  • AlarvyCAD Turn module contains multiple features specifically to create 3D CAD models of turned parts or revoved parts or parts that can be manufactured in lathes and turning centres. AlarvyCAD Turn module comes with the following features

    • Revolve
    • Subsection
    • Step
    • Fillet
    • Chamfer
      • L1 x L2
      • L1 x q
      • CL x q
    • Grooves
      • Rectangular
      • Trapezoidal
      • Filleted Rectangular
      • Filleted Trapezoidal
    • Holes
      • Simple
      • CounterSink
      • CounterDrill
      • Tapered
      • CounterBore
      • Circular Hole patterns

AlarvyCAD Turn Module

Download 30-day Free Evaluation of the full version of AlarvyCAD Turn
Download Evaluation Help Documentation Tutorial Videos

Demo Video of AlarvyCAD Turn Module

  • AlarvyCAD Sheet Metal module

  • AlarvyCAD Sheet Metal module contains multiple features specifically to create 3D CAD models of sheet metal parts that can be manufactured in Turret punch presses, press brakes, laser, waterjet, plasma, woodcutting machines, etc. ALARVY Sheet Metal module comes with the following features

    • Base
    • Bend
      • Rectangular Flange
      • Non-Rectangular Flange
    • Unfold/Fold
    • Hole
    • Cutout
    • Fillet
    Lot of new features are coming up.

Demo Video of AlarvyCAD Sheet Metal module Beta

AlarvyCAD WebApp

AlarvyCAD webapp is the same 3D CAD modeler mentioned above that can be run in any browser. AlarvyCAD webapp can be hosted in your private server or cloud depending on your customer needs. There is no difference between the desktop app and webapp in terms of user interface and functionality.

  • No need to install software or plug-ins or upgrades in client machines
  • Access anywhere anytime from your browser
  • Pay per use licensing

OEM license for Machine tool manufactures and CAM ISVs are available.

AlarvyCAD WebApp

ALARVY Feature Recognizer

Feature Recognition (FR) is the process of recognizing domain specific features from imported 3D CAD models, which do not contain any feature information. ALARVY Feature Recognizer is a set of algorithms which can recognize various features from 3D models from STEP Format. ALARVY Feature Recognizer currently has 3 modules and can recognize features specific to these domains

  • Machining Feature Recognition
  • Sheet metal Feature Recognition
  • Turning Feature Recognition

Demo Video of ALARVY Feature Recognizer

ALARVY Bar/Pipe Nester

ALARVY Bar/Pipe Nesting can nest bars, pipes, sections, etc.

  • Single-part nesting in Single-Bar
  • Multiple-part nesting in Single-Bar
  • Multiple-part nesting in Multiple-Bars

ALARVY Bar/Pipe Nester is available as a desktop version as well as a webapp version that can be run in any browser. ALARVY Bar/Pipe Nester webapp can be hosted in your private server or cloud depending on your customer needs. There is no difference between the desktop app and webapp in terms of user interface and functionality.
  • No need to install software or plug-ins or upgrades in client machines
  • Access anywhere anytime from your browser
  • Pay per use licensing

OEM license for Machine tool manufactures and CAM ISVs are available.

Demo Video of ALARVY Bar/Pipe Nester

ALARVY Punch/Cut Sequencer

ALARVY Punch/Cut Sequencer is a set of algorithms that can give an optimum punch/cut sequence for sheet metal parts. Punch/cut sequencing algorithms are very fast and powerful and are specifically built for punch sequencing and profile cut sequencing for lasers, waterjets, plasma, etc. Given a set of points, these algorithms basically find the shortest route using various traveling salesman algorithms developed by ALARVY. The following algorithms are used for punch/cut sequencing.

  • Zig-Zag Heuristic Algorithms (ZZ)
  • Nearest Neighbor Algorithm (NN)
  • Genetic Algorithm (GA)

Genetic Algorithm is designed to search for better results than zig-zag and nearest neighbor results. Product is available as 32-bit / 64-bit DLL on Windows platform. OEM license for Machine tool manufactures and CAM ISVs are available. Integration or any customized punch/cut sequence development is also undertaken as per your needs.

ALARVY Punch/Cut Sequencer

ALARVY Bend Sequencer(under development)

ALARVY Bend Sequencer is a set of algorithms that can give an optimum bend sequence for sheet metal parts. The following algorithms are used for bend sequencing.

  • Heuristic Algorithms
  • Genetic Algorithm

Joint development proposals from Machine tool manufactures and CAM ISVs are welcome. Customized bend sequence development can also be undertaken as per your needs.

ALARVY Virtual 3D Trade Fair

Trade fairs used to connect vendors with clients to facilitate B2B and B2C interactions. The current pandemic has put a hold on international and local travels to a large extent affecting businesses. A virtual trade fair is a potential alternative to physical trade fairs.

With this web based software, anyone can design a virtual 3D trade fair easily and without any restriction on the area and can be hosted on any webserver/cloud servers.

This software has the following options:

  • Hall Creation with any number of horizontal and vertical aisles, any number of booths
  • Option to add videos and pictures in the booth walls/floor and resize them
  • A navigable Segway with options to move forward/backward/rotate
  • Option for bird’s eye view and VR view

Demo Video of ALARVY Virtual 3D Trade Fair

This web application can be potentially used by the following:

  • Trade Fair Organizers
  • Trade Associations
  • Machine Tools Associations
  • Tool Supplier Associations
  • Software Technology Parks with Multiple Companies
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
  • Individual Companies with large number of products & services portfolios

For example, 3D-Printing Companies can showcase their products and add details about various vendors selling 3D printing consumables like filaments, resins, SLS powders, metal powders, etc. Machine Tool Companies can showcase their products and their preferred tool vendors, software vendors, material and consumable vendors. Automobile Companies can showcase their products along with details of accessories and preferred vendors.

ALARVY 3D Part Recognizer

Alarvy 3D Part Recognizer is an AI/ML(Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) engine to automatically recognize parts in manufacturing using machine vision within milliseconds, which can be used for various downstream activities like

  • Assembly operations where multiple parts are to be recognized automatically and assembled.
  • Automatic part recognition and sorting for packaging, inspection, assembly, etc.
  • Automatic part segregation after 3D printing multiple parts.

Part recognition outputs by Alarvy 3D Part Recognizer

Alarvy 3D Part Recognizer is built using Convolutional Neural Network. The application is developed using python with OpenCV, PIL, Keras using TensorFlow as backend, ThreeJS is used for processing the 3D model and automatically creating training dataset for machine learning. The AI/ML Part Recognition Engine is designed to be rotational invariant in all the 3 axes, colour invariant and scale invariant. Hence, we can give images of the parts rotated in any orientation about any axis and with any size.

For the Alarvy 3D Part Recognizer, initially 3D models of the parts to be recognized are given as input. These models are used internally for creating recognition datasets without any user interaction to train the Neural Network. This is a one time flow and after that, just an image/photo of any part in any orientation can be given as input for part(s) recognition. The input image can consist of only one part to be recognized or can consist of more than one part to be recognized.

Based on the input image, Alarvy 3D Part Recognizer can automatically recognize the parts along with their part name within milliseconds.

Alarvy 3D Part Recognizer took 18 seconds to recognize 6300 images. It is able to complete this with an accuracy of 98.16%.

Architecture of Alarvy 3D Part Recognizer

Demo Video of Alarvy 3D Part Recognizer


  • Software product development

    • Development of new Desktop and web based products
    • Refactoring desktop products to web based app
    • Development of new modules
    • Engineering Automation
    • CAD Customization and Automation for customized applications (SolidWorks, Inventor, Fusion, CATIA, NX, Creo)
    • CAM automation for customized applications, etc.
    • Product development using 3D CAD Kernels (OpenCascade, Parasolid, ACIS etc.)

  • CAD/CAM R&D Solutions

    • Development of new features/modules
    • Automatic feature recognition
    • Unfolder
    • Automatic tool slection
    • Automatic machining strategy
    • Setup planning
    • Automatic bend sequencing
    • Automatic punch/laser-cut sequencing
    • Sheet metal nesting
    • 3D Printing, Slicing, Optimal Orientation
    • Support Generation and Lattice Generation Strategies
    • Automatic Estimation
    • 3D Nesting, etc.

  • New algorithm development

    • Development of geometric algorithms
    • Development of optimizaton algorithms
    • Development and Implementation of single-objective/multi-objective genetic algorithms for specific applications
    • Heuristic Algorithms for specific applications, etc.
  • Web based application development

    • Browser based app development using Bootstrap, WebGL/ThreeJS, etc.
    • Conversion of desktop apps to web based app
    • Cloud deployment, etc.

  • Consulting for next generation product development

    • Next generation product strategy, roadmapping and detailed product definition
    • Integration strategy of multiple products
    • Webification of desktop apps for occasional end-users, etc.

  • Engineering Services

    • 3D Modeling with SolidWorks, Creo, Inventor, CATIA, NX
    • 3D Printing
    • Design and Product Development

    Video of ALARVY Software Services

ALARVY 3D Product Configurator

ALARVY can help you to build your own customized parametric 3D modeler to design a family of parts quickly, thereby improving productivity and cost. 3D Product Configurator can be made as a desktop version as well as a webapp version that can be run in any browser. A sample application is shown in the demo video.

Demo Video of ALARVY 3D Product Configurator
Demo Video of ALARVY Custom Parametric 3D Modelers


ALARVY (அலர்வி) is an old Tamil word and it means evolve. ALARVY is an Indian software company dedicated to assist you with all your technology needs. With over 25+ years of research experience in CAD/CAM product development, CAD Customization, 2D / 3D Custom CAD product development, Manufacturing Automation and Digitization, geometric algorithms, genetic algorithm, operation sequencing algorithms, bend sequencing algorithms, 3D Printing, next generation product development, etc., we strive to become the best in class in this field.

​Our mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective products and services that meet our customers needs. With utmost quality and consistency, we make technology an asset for our clients through unique, individualized solutions.

Our Team

Dr. T. R. Kannan
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

B.E., M.Tech. (IIT Madras), Ph.D. (IIT Madras) Exp: 25+yrs
He handles R&D, Sales, Product management and Product development activities

T. K. Roopkala
Chief Executive Officer

B.Com., Exp: 25+yrs
She handles Marketing, Finance, HR and Admin activities.

Dr. D. Giridhar
Head - Product Management

B.E., M.E., Ph. D. (IIT Madras), Exp: 18yrs
R&D, Mfg Automation, CAD/CAM/CAE Expert
AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ProE/Creo, Onshape, ANSYS, ABAQUS, Matlab, COMSOL, Minitab, SPSS, Qualitech, Automsim, NI Labview 8.0

Technical Manager & Product Manager

B.E., M.Tech. (IIT Bombay), EMDP (IIM K). Exp: 9yrs
Fullstack developer, CAD/CAM Customization (CATIA, ProE/Creo, NX), R&D, C++, C#, GO, Python, JS, NodeJS, MEAN stack, ThreeJS/WebGL,
OpenCascade, OpenGL, Hoops, Polygonica

Project Manager

B.E. (Anna University), Exp: 14yrs
Fullstack developer, CAD/CAM Customization, R&D,
C, C++, C#, Java, JS, GO, Java3D,
OpenCascade, Hoops, Polygonica, SVG, AutoCAD
ThreeJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL

Technical Manager

M.C.A. (Saurashtra University), Exp: 11yrs
Fullstack developer, CAD Customization, R&D,
C#, .NET, WPF, JS, OpenCascade, Solidworks
ThreeJS, NodeJS, SQL, LINQ

R&D Software Expert

B.E. (BITS Pilani), M.Sc. (BITS Pilani),
M.S. (IIT Madras) Exp: 7yrs
Fullstack developer, CAD Customization, R&D,
C++, JS, OpenCascade, CATIA
ThreeJS, NodeJS

Software Expert

M.C.A. (Uttar Pradesh Technical University), Exp: 14 yrs
CAD Programmer, C, C++, C#, JavaScript,
HTML, JQuery, ThreeJS, OpenCascade, NodeJS

Software Developer

B.E. (Anna University),
CAD Programmer, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript,
HTML, JQuery, ThreeJS, Angular, NodeJS, MySQL

Software Developer and QA

B.Tech. (Anna University)
CAD Programmer, R&D, C++, Python, JS, PHP, ThreeJS, NodeJS, MySQL
Product Definition, Functional Testing,
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (OpenCV, TensorFlow, Keras, Pillow)

Software Developer and QA

B.E. (Anna University)
C++, HTML, JS, ThreeJS,
Product Definition, Functional Testing

Chartered Accountant


HR and Admin

A large pool of part-time software developers and design engineers
with skills in specific technologies and with domain specific skills

Profile of our Founder and CTO, Dr. T. R. Kannan

Dr. T. R. Kannan, our CTO has a Ph.D. and M.Tech in CAD/CAM from Indian Institute of Technology Madras with more than 25+ years of experience in research and CAD/CAM software development. Has built many products and technologies from scratch to commercialization. Has a rich set of papers in international journals, conferences, white papers, technical reports, etc. Has filed two patents to his credit. The link for his publications in Researchgate is available here. Has vast experience in 3D Modeler development, 2D and 3D desktop and Webapp development, CAD Customization, ThreeJS, Feature Recognition, 2D/3D Nesting, Design for Manufacturing, Manufacturing planning automation, Scheduling, Additive Manufacturing, Slicing, 3D based Cost estimation, etc. Currently he handles product management and product development activities at ALARVY.

Publications of our CTO, Dr. T. R. Kannan


1. “Methods and systems for feature recognition”, US 9886529 B2, Feb 2018. Download
2. “Systems and methods for bevel feature recognition and bevel profile generation”, US 9811610 B2, Nov 2017. Download
3. “Methods and Systems for a Machine-Vision based AI Part Recognition System using 3D Models with CNN”, Indian Patent Application Number 202141011046, March 2021. Link
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Text Books
18. “CAD/CAM” – T.R. Kannan, T.R. Srinivasan, S.S. Manian and P. Rajagopal, Balachitra Publishers, 2000.
19. “Design for Manufacture and Assembly” Chapter 3, Manufacturing Engineering Handbook, Edited by Hwaiyu Geng, McGraw Hill, Feb 2015. Link
Technical Magazines
20. “Sheet Metal Fabrication: It starts from Design”, Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News, 40-41, May-Jun 2010. Download
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White Papers
22. “Design for Additive Manufacturing”, Geometric Ltd., July 2013. Link
23. “Building next-generation sheet metal CAM”, Geometric Ltd., Feb 2014. Link
24. “Recent Additive Manufacturing Trends”, Geometric Ltd., Nov 2014. Link


Immediate Requirements for Full-time Software Developers:

  • Software Engineer
    Educational Qualification: B.E./B. Tech. (CSE/IT) / M.C.A. / M.Tech. (CSE/IT/Mech) / Ph.D. (CSE/IT/Mech)
    Experience: 2-3 yrs experience
    Skills Required: Experience in C++ / C# / MEAN Stack (Angular / ExpressJS / NodeJS / MongoDB);
    Should have software development experience in CAD customization of SolidWorks/CATIA/NX/CREO, etc. or experience in any Geometric kernels like Opencascade / Parasolid / ACIS / CAA / CGM. Exposure to WebGL/ThreeJS will be a plus.
    Location: IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai.
Work from Home/Office - Freelancers/Part-time Developers Required:

  • Programmers with thorough knowledge in C++/C# (WPF,WCF) with experience in desktop application development
  • Programmers with Bootstrap/JavaScript/Meanstack knowledge
  • 3D programmers with any CAD customization experience
  • 3D programmers with any 3D Kernel programming experience
  • 3D programmers with WebGL/ThreeJS experience
  • Programmers with one or two years experience who want to work on 3D algorithmic research.
Send resumes to hr@alarvy.com

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